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Social Security Financial Support for Blind or Low Vision People:

If you are blind or have low vision and are temporarily or permanently unable to work, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

Thanks to our Community partners.

Blind Inc. wishes to thank our Community Partners in providing our prep students with Apprenticeships as part of their summer experience. We are proud to associate with:

  • Target Headquarters who are providing 3positions,
  • The Minneapolis American Indian Center who are providing 5 positions, and
  • The University of Minnesota Recreation Center who are offering 2positions.

Donate to Blind Inc. while shopping on Amazon.com

Would you like to painlessly donate to BLIND, Inc.? Completely painlessly, in fact, because you’ll be using someone else’s money? Try ordering through Amazon Smile. All you have to do is select Blindness – Learning In New Dimensions, Inc. as your favorite charity, and Amazon will donate 0.5% (½%) of your purchase to us. You’ll have to use the charity lookup feature. Go to Or pick your own charity, and enter the words: Blindness – Learning In New Dimensions in the box. When we pop up, hit the select button, and then complete your order. That way you will automatically donate to us every time you order from Amazon, as long as you enter it through Amazon Smile. (It won’t work if you enter Amazon directly.) Please tell all your friends about this so they can donate to us too.

NFB National Convention, 2016

The National Federation of the Blind National Convention will be held from Thursday, June 30, to Tuesday, July 5, 2016. For more information, visit the NFB National Convention 2016 page.

Adjustment to Blindness Training at Blind Inc.

Redbud Tree at BLIND Inc.

BLIND, Incorporated is an adjustment to blindness training center that offers training for adults, children, teenagers, and seniors. We teach the skills that blind people need to become independent and employable such as braille, home management, the use of the white cane, and computers with screen reading software, etc. But just as importantly, we instill in our students the confidence to put these skills into practice. We utilize the positive view of blindness of the National Federation of the Blind. We work from the premise that blindness doesn’t have to be a tragedy. We know that, if given training and opportunity, blind people can live full and productive lives.

Photo of the front of the Pillsberry mansion, home of Blind Inc and the NFB of Minnesota.

BLIND, Incorporated is located in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the historic Charles S. Pillsbury mansion, (Opens in a new window).
Minneapolis is a vibrant and diverse city and the Twin Cities area offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities such as theater, canoeing, rock climbing, shopping, fishing, live music, and much more. Our students participate in activities to gain confidence and really prove to themselves that they can enjoy the same passtimes as their sighted friends and family members. We believe that blindness may change how we do some things, but it doesn’t stop us from doing them.

A word from our Director, Dan Wenzel

Read our brochure for more information.

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