About Blindness

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Below you will find a list of short and informative articles as well as resources pertaining to blindness, alternative
(nonvisual) techniques and technology.

Major Eye Conditions and Their Causes

This article gives an overview of the top five eye conditions and their causes.

Jobs for Blind People

In this article, Dick Davis dispells the long standing mith that blind people can only work at specific jobs and can’t compete on the same level as their sighted counterparts.

Questions Kids Ask about Blindness (Opens in a new Window)

The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children provide us with a great Q and A about blindness. These are questions asked by Children and their answers.

What is Blindness?

If you want to know what blindness is, this article written by Dick Davis will provide you with a working definition.

On Structured Discovery

This article by Jeffrey T. Altman published in the December 2015 Braille Monitor discusses the topic of Structured Discovery and explains the concept.

What to Do When You Meet a Blind Person Like Me

If you wonder how to act around someone who is blind, here are twenty quick tips that may inform you.

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