Mike Monica, A Success Story

Congratulations to Mike Monica

We at BLIND, Inc. are proud to congratulate Mike on the award he received from Red Roof for Excellent Customer Service.

Mike attended BLIND, Incorporated in 2005, 2006 and graduated in August 2006. You may not
know who Mike is, but if you attended Blind Inc. you surely used Mike’s third Industrial Arts project. He built the bench located beside the walkway to the main door of the mansion. Many a student and staff of BLIND, Inc. sat there during breaks and lunch enjoying the weather.

After his graduation, Mike attempted to find a job in radio, but that didn’t pan out. He is a musician, so he then formed a band with a friend. After a few years, in the summer of 2016, Mike obtained a part time job conducting market research surveys. At the same time he submitted an application to Red Roof Inn. Late that same year, he received a call from Red Roof Inn to interview for a job. He went through the interview process and was offered a position. In January of 2017, Mike went for a four week training course at Red Roof. Mike works out of his home on a Windows computer. With the use of a Focus 40 Blue Braille display, and Jaws for Windows, which he had assistance in getting from the Ohio Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired he can perform his duties. With headphones and ear buds, Mike can simultaneously hear customers phone calls and Jaws and take calls and input the needed information to take and cancel customer reservations.

In August of this year, Mike was given an award for Excellent Customer Service. The award was for a team effort, however, they wanted to specifically recognize Mike in the job that he does.

Mike says that if it wasn’t for his mom, he wouldn’t have gone to BLIND, Inc. to obtain the skills he needed. He says, that his mom was the backbone to get him to BLIND, Inc. and get him going.

Due to Mike’s willingness to strive and succeed, his mom’s relentless support and the training he received at BLIND, Inc. Mike is happy to be living the life he wants today!

Thanks to your donations, Mike and others can live independent and happy lives.

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Updated: September 7, 2017 — 3:54 pm
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