Our Vision and Mission Statement

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Our Vision

We provide the most innovative and effective adjustment-to-blindness training available – to change what it means to be blind, to enable people with all degrees of blindness to discover a new self-image and build a new future in our ever-changing society, and to cultivate a world of equality in which all blind people live the life they want to live.

Our Mission Statement

We serve to empower blind people of all ages and all degrees of blindness – with affirmation of dignity, personal confidence, positive attitudes toward blindness, and related adjustment-to-blindness skills, including communications – Braille, English language learning, and technology – cane travel, industrial arts, home and personal management, and career development.

We equip blind people through constructive and innovative adjustment-to-blindness training. Our training emphasizes safe, results-driven methods, high expectations, peer support, public education, and specific efforts for job placement. We offer comprehensive training, which features a customized plan for each individual student.

Resulting personal confidence and effective skills enable our graduates to live full and independent lives and fulfill their personal goals, lead in their own households and raise their own families, navigate the world and participate fully in all of its potentials, pursue higher education to their fullest desired extent, work in competitive employment and pursue their occupational dreams, provide valuable energies, skills, and services to employers, and contribute their leadership, expertise, and talents to their communities.

Listen to Joyce Scanlan as she talks about our mission.

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