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Student Apartments:

BLIND, Incorporated rents several 2 and 3 bedroom apartments where our full-time students may live during their training. These apartments are located in an apartment complex in the Uptown area of Minneapolis and are within walking distance of a variety of stores, restaurants, theaters, and two beautiful lakes.

Several students share these apartments. Each apartment has carpeting and air conditioning and is fully furnished. The living room contains a sofa, recliners, end tables, and a coffee table. The kitchen has a table and four chairs, refrigerator/freezer, electric range, dishes, and cooking equipment. Each bedroom contains a bed, desk, closet, and dresser. There are laundry facilities available on site.

A staff member lives in the building to assist new students in performing household chores such as cooking meals, doing laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping until they feel comfortable performing these tasks independently.

Living in the student apartments benefits students in several ways. Firstly, it allows students to practice the cooking and household management skills that they are learning in Home Management classes. Secondly, it allows them to live near both their fellow students and people who are not involved with the program. This allows students to spend time together outside of class, share experiences, and develop friendships while remaining part of the larger community. Thirdly, students have the opportunity to develop their travel skills by taking the bus or walking to and from the center each day.

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