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At the end of each day, students gather together to participate in a seminar. Seminars allow students to discuss a variety of issues related to blindness and learn from the experiences of other blind people.

Seminar is an important part of BLIND, Incorporated’s curriculum. It provides students with the opportunity to talk about what they have been learning in the program, bring up questions about activities or policies, or ask about how a blind person could accomplish a particular task. It is also an opportunity to listen to and discuss articles and speeches written by blind people who have had a variety of experiences. Some common seminar topics include dealing with the concerns of family members, parenting, and adoption, dealing with public attitudes about blindness, the meaning of independence, and many others.

Former students and other employed blind people come to seminar to talk about their careers. Representatives from agencies such as the Client Assistance Project and the Social Security Administration are brought in from time to time to explain their programs and answer questions. Assistive technology vendors occasionally come to talk about their products and bring in new items to demonstrate.

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