Employment Programs

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If you are a blind person, we want to help you find the best job you have ever had.
If you are an employer, we want to help you find the best employee you have ever had.

Most training centers for the blind do little or nothing to prepare their students for employment. BLIND, Inc. is different. Everything we do is designed to give our students the skills, self-confidence, and competitive edge they need to succeed in employment. On average, 85% of our graduates either go directly into employment, or into higher education and from there into employment.

One huge difference between BLIND, Inc. and other training centers for the blind is that we practice what we preach. 80% of our staff members, including our executive director and one of our assistant directors, are blind. In 2010, we were named the Minnesota State Council on Disability Small Employer of the Year. But we aren’t a charity; our blind employees work just as hard as our sighted ones. They’ve succeeded in the competitive job market, and they produce graduates who know how to do that too.

Integrated Programming.

We start with high expectations. The idea that our students will get good jobs is integrated into all our programs. Students learn the latest technology for job seeking through our communications classes. They learn how to access state and national job banks using screen reading software, and how to write resumes and cover letters. Dressing for success is part of our home and personal management curriculum, as is machine operation in industrial arts. Our travel classes teach students the skills they need to travel independently to and in places of employment. Confidence building is an integral part of all BLIND, Inc. programs.

Career Center

Blind adults in our comprehensive orientation to blindness program attend classes in our Career Center at least twice a week. The high school students in our summer PREP program do the same. They explore and choose careers, seek blind mentors working in those careers, apply to institutions of higher education, research employers, write cover letters and resumes, and practice interviewing skills, including how to get past employers’ doubts about their abilities as blind persons. Career Center services include:

  • Job readiness and skills assessment
  • Career exploration and counseling
  • Informational interviewing and job shadowing
  • Resume writing (hardcopy and electronic)
  • Employer research methods
  • Internet-based job listings and applications
  • Guerrilla-style job seeking skills training
  • Handling blindness in job interviews
  • Dressing for interviews and jobs
  • Individual job development and coaching
  • Career advancement and job keeping skills
  • Locating and applying for housing

For additional information, please contact: Dick Davis, Assistant Director for Employment Programs at (612) 872-0100 or email: ddavis@blindinc.org.

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