ELL (English Language Learning) Program

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Our ELL (English Language Learning) class is where people who know little or no English can be taught to speak English while learning to read and write in Braille.

Throughout our history, BLIND, Inc. has worked with people from all over the world. We have observed that many blind people find beginning level mainstream ELL
classrooms very frustrating because of their heavy use of pictures and other visual techniques. Mainstream classroom ELL
teachers work very hard to help their blind students, but a lack of Braille knowledge often makes it very difficult for them to work with blind students and proves draining on their limited resources. Therefore, BLIND, inc. has developed a program to teach both basic English and braille to blind people so that they can successfully move on to higher level mainstream classrooms. We work with local ELL
centers and utilize a multi-sensory curriculum. Our ELL
instructor has many years of Braille teaching experience and has earned a certificate in ELL instruction.

Students receive up to eight hours a week of instruction in small groups. Many students who have mastered some basic English choose to take other classes in cane travel and computer training alongside students enrolled in the comprehensive program. This helps them to increase their independence, develop a positive attitude toward blindness, and also practice their English with fluent speakers.

Listen to some of our students tell you about what our ELL program has done for them.

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