Senior Program

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BLIND, Inc. offers 12-session, small group classes for seniors who are losing vision and are having trouble with daily tasks. These classes provide a supportive learning experience that helps seniors to continue living comfortably in their own homes and socializing with their family and friends.

Seniors learn how to cook safely without relying on vision. They learn ways to easily perform daily household chores that have become more and more difficult as they gradually lose their sight. They learn how to get around using a white cane so that they need not fear steps and dimly lit areas. They learn to use Braille and other raised markings to label items like prescription bottles and appliance dials.

Groups can also enjoy recreational activities and hobbies such as bowling, sewing, dining out, and more. They can also explore using a speech output program to make emailing and accessing the internet easier.

Many seniors feel isolated and uncertain when they lose significant amounts of vision. This is why teachers and fellow seniors provide encouragement and support. The groups help each other to realize that they can still live independent and active lives regardless of how much vision they lose. New friendships often continue after the class is complete. Further training is also available in any of the basic skills acquired in the class.

For more information contact:
Briley O’Connor (612) 872-0100 or 1-800-597-9558

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