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PREP (Post-secondary Readiness Empowerment Program)

Chelsey  and a female student going on the Big Country Water Ride

Warm Greetings from BLIND, Incorporated,

Once again we have had a great adventure last year in the PREP Program. The culmination of which was a trip to Wild Mountain with the Blind, Inc. staff and full time students.

The PREP, Post-secondary Readiness Empowerment Program, our eight-week program for blind high school students, will be held from June 11 to August 5, 2017.

This exciting summer program is for blind high school students and is geared to prepare them for academic, employment, and social success. The PREP curriculum is designed to empower blind youth with the alternative techniques of blindness they will need to be successful in the college and the career fields they choose, and to give them the confidence and belief in themselves they need to find and keep a job.

The core classes include Braille reading and writing, independent cane travel, adaptive technology, career exploration, and home/dormitory management, which includes cooking, cleaning, washing and labeling clothes, personal care, and daily living skills. Students also participate in regularly scheduled discussion groups designed to build confidence and learn from blind peers and adults. This program includes a three-week paid employment experience. Students will utilize the skills they have developed while earning minimum wage working approximately 20 hours per week in local businesses and agencies.

PREP students live with fellow students and adult counselors. These counselors and instructors serve as successful and positive role models. Students shop for groceries, prepare meals, and clean their apartments as part of their home and personal management training. They begin to learn how to live independently while still in a supportive environment. They develop problem-solving skills and come to realize that they will be able to take care of themselves and take responsibility for their own futures.

This program is based on a positive view of blindness, that if blind people are given proper training and opportunity, they can be successful in education, find meaningful employment, and live full and productive lives.

Traveling to Orlando Florida:

In July, 2017, PREP students will enjoy the exciting opportunity of accompanying BLIND, Incorporated staff and adult students as we travel to Orlando, Florida to attend the weeklong national convention of the National Federation of the Blind. During this convention, our PREP students will join hundreds of other high school and college students from around the country when attending the National Association of Blind Students seminar. Students will also attend other meetings, seminars, learn about new ground-breaking technology and get involved in social and recreational activities. This annual convention is packed full of fun and great learning opportunities and experiences.

Throughout the summer the PREP students will also participate in a variety of fun activities including: going to Wild Mountain Water Park, camping, rock climbing, and shopping at various malls.

For more information, please contact Rob Hobson, Transition and travel Coordinator. If you would like an application please call 612-872-0100 (ext. 220), or toll
free: 800-597-9558.

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