Success Stories

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Students from the buddies program learn and grow

Blind, Inc. offers several programs to assist blind persons in living the life they want. When students start a new program, often a lack of confidence is their worst enemy. But with the fear of failure, there is also a great chance of success. Through the programs offered at Blind, Inc. our students learn to be successful and gain the self-confidence they need. This page will showcase just a few of the stories of triumph and success that individuals who are actively seeking self-sufficiency and independence have achieved.

Charlene Guggisberg talks about 4 students from the Buddies program and how they benefited from their training.

A young man who attended the Buddies program gained self-confidence.

A young lady attended the buddies program for 2 summers to learn speciffic skills, and by the end of her time in the program, she was not only Challenging herself, but others as well.

Learning to do things for yourself.

Going shopping.

Testimony – Michele Denise Michaels

Michele is a graduate and board member of Blind, Inc. Hear her tell her story.

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